Here I am, Learning Along the Way

Do you believe that you can meet all of the challenges in your life? That your story is worth telling and that you deserve the opportunities that come your way? That you can take the next step even when the path ahead is ambiguous and uncertain?

From overcoming a complicated childhood on a small island in the Philippines to landing her first job in America as a young Senior Accountant at American Express, Terry Samala de Guzman learned to achieve goals despite unlikely and sometimes deterring circumstances.

An accomplished executive and life coach, Terry shares her story and reveals her hard-won life tenets – insights that have carried her through family and health crises, motherhood, demanding work schedules, a commuting marriage, unforeseen leadership roles, and an ultimately fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle filled with travel, adventure, and love.

Proceeds of sales will benefit the education and professional development of under served youth in the USA and the Philippines.

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