Client Testimonials

"Terry is a tremendous thought partner who provided expert guidance to me during a major leadership and organizational transition. 

Her first focus is truly on awareness and fulfillment, helping me tap into my potential and deepest aspirations.  Sessions with Terry helped keep me focused on what are the most critical tasks for achieving our organizational and societal mission.  She is a skilled partner at helping problem-solve interpersonal and strategic dilemmas.  I appreciate that she is willing to respectfully challenge one’s assumptions and approach while ensuring I left each session with more confidence."

William Robinson, Executive Director, PLE, UVA


"Terry has the unique ability to zoom out and see things from the 80th floor. This is a tremendous benefit because she can guide you on all the different paths to take when you might only see one or two from your perspective. Furthermore, she is transparent while also kind. My personal relationships, my professional relationships, finances, leadership and future have all benefited from my time with Terry. I look forward to working with her again, soon!"

Julius Givens, Sales Professional

Terry helped me identify and dust off aspirations I had long since buried. Prior to contacting her I was feeling unfulfilled by the solitary life of a freelance writer and editorial researcher. I craved more professional and intellectual community and interaction. Terry helped me rediscover my passion for learning alongside other like minds, and I am now enrolled in a masters program in linguistics and couldn't be happier! 



"As we were approaching retirement, we were looking for someone to work with us to think through issues of goal setting, establishing priorities, and financial planning during this important period of transition for us.  Terry had the flexibility to work with us both individually and together as a couple, which we found to be a very valuable part of the process.  It was our experience that Terry brought just the right combination of psychological insight, organizational skills, and financial knowledge to make ours a very rewarding and productive experience.  She was a delight to work with and we would highly recommend her to others with similar needs to ours."

RK, Financial Advisor and AK, Professor

“Terry Deguzman is an outstanding  Life Coach. She is able to help you see your inner winner while tackling your life’s goals. She naturally allows you to open up and together you take a journey toward self awareness.  By working with her, I am well on my way to fulfill my life’s purpose!”

Robin Burns, IT professional  

“Having worked my entire life from the teenage years on, a recent transition to retired status brought with it a great deal of anxiety.   The best decision I made first was hiring Terry de Guzman as a life coach. Beginning with our first session, she has guided me to a calm and centered place in mind and spirit where I could discover for myself how I really want to restructure my life with pursuits that are meaningful and rewarding.  I am well into accomplishing that, free of anxiety. Terry has been masterful in helping me get to this place, gently but firmly employing an effective and truthful question and answer method that has spurred on the process of self-discovery.”

David, Retired Executive

“I've wondered for years what it would be like to work with a personal coach. Until now I have had neither the time nor the inclination to do so. Just at the right time I discovered Terry [de Guzman]. Terry is incredible; truly a sage. She is someone who both sees and understands me. She also knows just what to say to help me hear and understand myself, towards the aim of reaching my goals. Being at a significant transition point in my life, her sessions have been a tremendous help in providing me with a sense of support and clarity.”

Rosalyn W. Berne, Author, scholar

“Terry is a consummate professional with a superior understanding of people. She has a comprehensive business background notable for an in-depth, applied knowledge of finance, leadership, strategic development, counseling and coaching.”

M. Coffey

"Terry manages to be practical, realistic, and inspirational, all at once. A former client of hers, I am grateful to Terry for her help when I was at a career crossroads a few years ago. Using insightful questions, with a wellspring of empathy, she applies her experience and wisdom to address clients' challenges. With her guidance - and just as her practice's name implies - her clients discover their next steps."

Anne M Carley, Founder, Chenille Books

"I found myself in the midst of a turning point, a place in my life where fulfillment in my career was becoming more difficult to achieve. While I spent a good amount of time soul searching for a new direction, I knew that I was lacking a fresh, well-balanced perspective. A trusted friend referred me to Terry and it didn’t very long at all for me to realize that Terry’s philosophy on a well-balanced life combined with her own rich experiences would be a great source of wisdom from which I could draw upon as I continued my search.

Terry took interest in me and led me enthusiastically through a holistic exploration of my skills, my emotions, my needs, my hopes and my fears as I continued searching for my very own next step. The results of our work together have shown me that real fulfillment doesn’t likely come from any particular career or job but rather from a balanced life in which my job is one of many very important parts."

K. Nordt, Consultant


"I've worked with Terry for several months now and am frankly amazed at the external business results and,  as or more,  importantly at the internal confidence and calm I'm reclaiming.  Making big life changes and decisions is tough, and with Terry's coaching I'm making smart decisions which are thoughtful (to me and to others) and practical.  Terry has a unique style with very effective skills in two areas; she is very strong in business (small and large) finance and operations.  She is also blessed with a kind heart and a wise sage-like presence, with which she can get to the heart of the issue quickly and graciously.  Terry is well liked and respected in the business, academic and not-for-profit communities and has a strong network of friends and colleagues."

Bruce Dorey, Entrepreneur


"My life brought me to Terry at critical juncture. I had just been through a very difficult time mentally and was trying to piece my professional life back together in its wake. I was so entangled in society's definition of ambition and success, that I had completely lost touch with myself and my professional path. It was as though I couldn't hear my own heartbeat. Terry helped me find that again. Through her patience, kindness, and guidance I was able to redefine professional success and learn again how to take my pulse and use my heartbeat and intuition to chart the road map for my future. 

I will forever be grateful for my time with Terry. She helped me accept myself, listen to my intuition to paint a picture of what my life could look like, and take ownership of my goals to realize that image. In doing so, I have been able to strengthen my self-confidence and take professional risks that have paid off ten-fold."

J.Kearney, Senior Regional Sales Manager

“Terry was terrific at coaching me to my next step. She guided me in a way that kept me focused not only on professional growth but also on my values, helping me make choices that will result in fulfillment now and in the future. I am extremely grateful to her, and recommend her highly.”

Emma Edmunds, Research Director

“Terry is a wise, strategic, and nurturing coach. I came to her looking for her answer, and with her support, I found a path to an answer that feels truly my own.”

Abby Suskin, Body Movement Artist

“Terry has been my coach and mentor for many years now, and I have learned so much from her wisdom and her many years of high-level corporate experience. I switched careers, from academia to administration, and she was a huge help in that transition. She helped me sort out my needs, identify my skills, set goals and stick to those goals. On top of that, she's not just a coach, but she has occupied senior level positions in corporations and academic administration. She taught me how to think, write and behave like an executive, and she has given me the confidence to succeed in my new career path.”