Life Coaching


Are you …

In search of professional and personal growth and don't know where to begin?
In the midst of a life or career transition and feeling lost?
Looking for balance and meaning in your work and life but cannot see ahead?

Terry’s coaching practice is founded on her holistic approach to empower her clients to find work/life balance and sustain life-long learning. 

Terry works with clients to understand how their personal and professional lives are intertwined.  We often take our work home with us at night. While personal struggles and roadblocks can often drag on productive days at the office. Through rigorous and honest discussions, client and coach discuss challenges, define goals, and turn plans into action. After working together, Terry’s clients emerge feeling confident with a sense of clarity and purpose.

Coaching engagements include:

  • Transitions: Proactively manage leadership development and achieve personal growth through career and life transitions, with resilience and success.

  • Financial Self-Reliance: Become financially literate, learn how to set sustainable financial strategies, and implement viable action plans.

  • Retirement and Legacy: Move forward from "success to significance" with renewed confidence, purpose, passion and joy.